Wednesday, April 2, 2008

random blatherings

Ok, I'm back. For some reason the pictures just seem too hard for me lately. I might catch up someday. March was actually a bad month for the picture taking for me. I missed several days. But, I decided not to beat myself up over it. I'm just moving on. I think I felt like the pictures were all starting to look the same.

So, I got an email this morning from Peter Breinholt. He was recording some songs for his new cd tonight, and they decided to invite some people to come to the studio. The first 35 people to email back would get to go. So, I emailed this morning, pretty sure I was too late, and then went to work. I checked my hotmail during the day, and didn't see a response from them, so I assumed it was a no go. I went to work at Archivers for a few hours tonight after they called and begged me to come. So, I got home about 9:45. Opened my email, and um, hello! I had written them from my msn account, and I was one of the first, so I totally could have gone! But, of course, I missed the opportunity! I'm a little sad tonight. I hate missing good opportunities for fun free things!

I've decided I'm not a "purist" when it comes to bookmaking. I don't have to use expensive book cloth, expensive paper, etc. to make books. I'm not opposed to using scrapbook paper! Is this bad? I think some "purist" people would think so. I was talking to the girls at Archivers tonight about bookmaking, and one of the new girls has taken bookbinding, and we were talking to Anjulee (ok, I don't know how to spell her name!) about what it takes to make books. I said you could use scrapbook paper, and Corinne started talking about how you can't use scrapbook paper, you have to use expensive paper and book cloth. I think its fun to use the expensive stuff, but it also is really ok to use regular paper and regular cloth. ... random blathering ...

I'm taking tomorrow off! Yea! I'm spending it at the dentist. Not yea. And it's going to cost me lots of money. Not yea. But I do get to sleep in! Yea!

The goal for April: to take a picture every day.

The other goal for April: to not freeze to death in my cold cold apartment. Hopefully the weather will decide to warm up sometime.