Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Fun

I have been looking forward to the Rooftop Concert Series concert tonight in Provo, UT for awhile. Rachelle told me she would come with me. Unfortunately, it is outside, and they were one week too late. We wimped out and didn't go sit there in the rain and freezing cold. So, I guess I'll have to plan on going next year, since this was the last one of this season.

So instead of hanging out with C Jane and friends tonight, I ended up at home, after I stopped and picked up some Cafe Rio delicious-ness. I even got some extra pork and a tortilla, for lunch tomorrow, but after the enchiladas, I was still wanting more, so I ate it all tonight. Oops.

Some of the ingredients for the lip balm

About 9:00 o'clock tonight I decided to try making handmade lip balm. I have had the ingredients for it for many months, but I never got around to actually trying it. For some reason, it sounded fun tonight. Sadly, it has been so long, I didn't have my original recipes, so I just looked some up online. I ended up making two batches, and I decided I needed a little practice before I start my lip balm making business. You have to be fast - the beeswax and oil get melted, then you have to mix the other stuff in and get it in a container before it starts to harden again. I am not fast. My lip balm is not smooth and nice looking, like you would see in the store. But, it was my first try, and it was fun and easy. Here are the two recipes I used, that I copied from elsewhere online, and partly just added stuff as I felt like it. I haven't tested out the results yet, because I wanted it to get set up really good.

Easy Lip Balm
coconut oil - about 2 tsp (recipe I was using called for 2 Tbsp, I read it wrong)
beeswax - about 2 tsp
peppermint essential oil - about 6 drops
Vitamin E - 2 drops

Raspberry flavored tinted Lip Balm
coconut oil - 1 tsp
cocoa butter - 2 tsp
beeswax - 2 tsp
raspberry extract - 3 drops
Vitamin E - 2 drops
Mae Minerals Blushing Pink color Blush - tiny bit for color
(probably should have put some essential oil in, but I knew I didn't want peppermint, and forgot I had eucalyptus, don't know how good that would have been)

The mess I created with my lip balm making.
The three containers of lip balm I made tonight

So, that's the fruit of tonight's labors - 3 little lip balms. Maybe I'll get better and make some to give away for Christmas presents.

Here's a few pictures of my night with the Bennett's on Wednesday. Lindsey and Hailey were putting on shows for me, and Lindsey came down in the Batman costume, which looked hilarious on her, so I had to get some pictures.

Hailey came up with this outfit, which did have a mickey mouse magician hat included, but Rhys stole the hat before I got a picture. It was quite the ensemble - prom dress, baseball jersey, hippie vest - you get the idea.

Hailey looks like a little Jeanette in this picture, don't you think?

Her last costume change of the night.

We had fun just chillin at their house after dinner, while Matt & Jeanette went to see The Help for her birthday. I love those kids! The two girls and I ended up having a slumber party in Lindsey's room, with Hailey on a mattress on the floor. It was fun until we woke up in the morning and the girls started doing gymnastic tricks on the bar above the bed I was still in. Let's just say that got me out of bed quickly.

So long for now, my friends