Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter

I'm back! I don't know if I will have any photos tonight. We'll see how it goes. But, I thought I'd blog, since I haven't blogged for a while. It's been a good week, good weekend. Nothing super exciting. I talked to my manager at Archivers about cutting back my hours there. I am drowning with all the stuff I'm trying to do right now. Luckily, they love me there, so hopefully it will work out that I can work once a week or so, at least for a while.
An interesting thing happened the night I talked to Elaine (my manager). I was working with Desi that night, and we were talking about me quitting. A customer who was standing by the counter overheard us, and told me to pray about it. Then, he proceeded to tell me all about his life, how he had just quit his job, and found a much better job three days later. He was telling me how to put up a website, and promote myself in the world of freelance design. He was a little bit crazy, but it was very interesting coincidence (if you call it that) that he was standing there when we were talking about my dilemma. It made me think about my life and what I really want to be doing. I am still thinking about that. Haven't come up with any answers yet.

I've also been working on girls camp. We are starting to plan and prepare for this year. I'm so excited! My mind is going crazy with fun ideas for the girls. We had our first camp activity this last Wednesday night. It went really well, I thought. We were doing first aid, which can be really boring, but we had a great time with it. And we made mini first aid kits that each girl can have with her and girls camp. I love my camp director I am working with this year. We are on the same page with most things, so working together has been easy so far. Our theme is Boot Camp, so we are coming up with fun ideas along those lines. If you have any ideas for me, I'm open to any and all suggestions.

I am on a new exercise campaign. I love it when it is warm enough outside that I can go walking outside and not freeze to death. I went out yesterday morning. I walked for an hour, went about 3 miles. I was just walking the streets of Pleasant Grove. I ended up going straight up a huge hill, toward the "G" on the mountain. I didn't really know where I was going, I was just walking. So, I'm a little sore today, but it is a good sore. I need new shoes.

I'm in a bit of a rambling mood. So sorry. It's late, but I took a VERY long nap this afternoon, so I'm pretty sure I'm not going to sleep well tonight. So, I decided to just stay up and get stuff done, instead of going to bed and getting frustrated because I'm not going to sleep.

I had a good Easter today, after I finally got out of bed. It was hard this morning. We had Stake Conference today. It was really good. I love Stake Conference. I missed the adult session last night, because I had to work. But, it was good today. Then, I came home and read for awhile and then fell asleep, for a long time. I think I woke up about 6. Then, I made myself a yummy Easter dinner - funeral potatoes and ham. It was delicious. And now I have leftovers for lunch. I never had leftovers anymore...probably because I don't cook in the first place. :) I tried to watch August Rush tonight, but my computer is being dumb. And, then I tried to watch Enchanted, but the dvd I bought is skipping and being dumb, so I couldn't watch that. So, I ended up watching Ella Enchanted. I love Anne Hathaway. So, that was my Easter. Nothing exciting, but that is how i wanted it. I wanted a quiet day today, a good afternoon nap, some yummy food. What else could I want?

I will try to post some photos this week.

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Today's picture. It's one of the wall hangings in my house. A frame with three pictures of temples in it - three of my favorites: Salt Lake, Idaho Falls, and Logan. I was going to do a better picture today, but my camera was out of batteries and I just barely found some.

I got to do inventory at Archivers this morning. Good times, let me tell you. Counting embellishments. What else would I want to be doing on a Sunday morning? I made it home in time to run over to the church for a meeting with my camp director to talk about getting started planning camp for this summer. Our theme this year is "Boot Camp" so we get to come up with a troop name for ourselves. That's really all we know so far. But, I think it will be fun. Good decorating opportunities. Fun camouflage decorations, or hats, or t-shirts. So, if you have any good boot camp ideas, I'm open to suggestions.

My sister and her kids came over to my house tonight - surprise! Of course, my house is a mess, so I feel silly when they walk in, and there is no where to sit on the couches, and there is only a little path from my living room to my bedroom. So, my goal is to clean my house and keep it clean. At least my living room, keep the couches clean and somewhat presentable. The kids were exploring the house, and they kept saying how messy it was. A little embarrassing! So, that's my goal for today.
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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Friday & Saturday pictures

3/7 - My pictures are getting kind of boring, I think. It's all I can come up with, though. And, usually I forget to take a picture until I'm home and its late. I want to try to take more pictures not at home. But, for today, this is all I've got. I'm continuing my tour of my house. This is a picture of my hall closet. Exciting, huh?
3/8 Another picture of my house. This is my kitchen. I got up early (8 am) this morning and cleaned for a few hours before I had to go to work. I have to play a game with myself, and only work in each room for 15 minutes. So, this is as clean as the kitchen got in 15 minutes. Still needs work, but I got a load of dishes in the dishwasher and cleaned up a bit. I also worked on my living room, bedroom, and cleaned my shower. It desperately needed the cleaning. So, I feel good about what I got accomplished.

I got to work at both jobs today, even though it is Saturday. No rest for the wicked. :) I had to work 48 hours at PDC this week, and I didn't quite make it last night, so I had to go in for a couple of hours this morning. Then, I worked at Archivers this afternoon. It was busy, but nothing unusual. I ran over to Keera's bridal shower for a minute on my break. I got to see Angie and Melanie there, former Archivers coworkers. Had some yummy goodness!
Now I'm just tired. And guess what? I get to get up and go to work tomorrow! Fun, huh? We all have to go work on inventory at Archivers. I'm not really looking forward to it. I'm sad I'm going to miss nursery tomorrow. But, I guess you do what you have to, right?

Ok, I'm caught up now, so hopefully I'll stay caught up. And everyone can get off my back. :)
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Ok, I'm getting crap from various people for not keeping up with my blog. So, I'm going to try to be better. Here is another collage of pics - I'm still trying to get caught up. This starts with 2/25. I got a drink that day, I think it was a Jones Soda, and this was on the lid. It says "You shall soon make a long overdue personal decision." Very interesting, as I've been struggling with a few decisions I know I need to make, but I'm having a hard time making them.
2/26 - The picture of Rice-Eccles Stadium was the only photo I really took this day. But, I don't like it, so I am using the picture of the box I made as the real picture for 2/26. I finally finished the box, after having to rip it apart and start over. But, I love how it turned out.
2/27 Ok, I guess 2/27's picture is really the box picture.
2/28 - I finally got caught up on my projects for class, I did this coptic bound book. It was pretty easy, except for the drilling holes in the wood part. I ruined one piece of wood before I got it right. I had to have my teacher help me with that part.
2/29 - I got a gift card for a free bear at Build-A-Bear for my birthday, so I ran over there this morning before heading off to Idaho for the weekend. It's pretty darn cute. I had to get a girl bear to be friends with George, the bear I got last year from my sister Sharon.
3/1 - This is a mug my mom gave me for my birthday. It says "I'll rise, but I refuse to shine." So cute! I love it. It is the start of my new mug collection. She also gave me a super cute spoon set that I'm in love with also.
3/2 - my birthday! My sister Rachelle got this cake for me. Carson was enthralled by it. He sat next to it and counted the balloons, and told us the colors, and tried to decide which balloon he wanted to eat. It was pretty cute.
3/3 - My third birthday party! The girls at work gave me a gift card to Barnes & Noble and made me a yummy cheesecake.
3/4 - These are the two books I bought with my gift card. I spent about an hour at B&N, just wandering around, trying to decide what to buy. I've been wanting to read "The Kite Runner" so I decided to get that. And "Blink" looks interesting.
3/5 - Um, yea, it's a milkshake from Iceberg. Unfortunately, they have put an iceberg in the mall food court, so it is very tempting to go get milkshakes all the time. All three of us who worked Wednesday night had to have one. I had mint cookie flavor - my favorite! Their mini size is so big, it takes me a few days to eat it. So, I had it for dinner the next night, too.
3/6 This is one of the books I got from Amazon today. It is about using creative journaling as part of the healing process. I've only read a few pages of it, but I am excited to read more, and use the ideas from it.

Ok, more to come later.
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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Ok, here's the last month or so of pics

I finally got a collage of pics made. I know they are tiny, but it's the best I can do right now. I did write a line about each of them on the other collage I had done, but I don't have time right now to do that. I might try later tonight. There are pics of the days of my sickness in there. The Golden Grahams are all I ate one day, there is a pic of the mess of my living room after laying on my couch for 5 days straight. Thank everything I'm healthy again! My mom sent me a valentine, so there is a picture of that. And of course some pics of the books I made for my class. A few pictures of my cute nieces & nephews. I got to eat at Jason's deli the other day, for the first time. It was yummy!
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