Thursday, September 29, 2011

Grateful for computer smart friends

Two nights ago, I was online, doing what I normally do, when my computer started going bananas. Telling me that I had a trojan, that I needed to click here to get anti-virus software, etc. It scared me. I'm not a good updater, or back-up-er. I don't take good care of my computer.
Don't worry. I learned my lesson. I took my computer in to work, and my friend Ty worked his magic and got all the viruses off, and updated everything. He gave me a lecture this morning when he gave it back to me about how important it is to run the anti-virus software weekly, and backing up often.

I am very thankful that I didn't lose anything. He was able to put my computer back together. I wouldn't be typing this today without his help.

I am going to be better about taking care of my computer, so that it will be nice to me and I won't have to go through this again.

I learned my lesson.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts

- I just watched Biggest Loser, while eating some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. I should have gone to the gym, but my couch was too comfortable.

- I am trying to be a little 'unplugged' this week. Not so much TV, less playing on the internet, etc. I did good yesterday, because my cousin and his family came over for the evening. Today was Biggest Loser, and I told myself I could watch that - my one show of the week. But now I want to watch Parenthood, too. It is hard to change your habits.

- I have quickly found the love for Pinterest. So many ideas. So little time to do all of them. The one thing I am going to try is the trick for hemming jeans.

I am short, so I can never find jeans that are the right length for me. I hope this trick works. I have always wondered if there was a way to do this, but I've never tried it.

- I am coming up with ideas for all the pears and apples off my trees this year. I picked a box of pears yesterday, and there is probably another box still on the tree. And I have 2 big trees full of apples, which I think are going to be yummy this year. I am thinking I should dry some, maybe freeze some, eat them every day until I can't stand it, make some mini caramel apples (although my apples are red, not green), give some away, and whatever else I can think of to do with them. Any good ideas for me?

- I want to take this class, Onward & Upward, but I am scared I won't finish the class. That is what I do. I start something, but rarely finish it. But, I really think this would be a good class, and i want to do it. I have to decide this week, since it starts next Monday. Maybe it's time for a new habit for me, of finishing things.

- I had my first lesson in 'gauge' for knitting this week. I made a fingerless glove, using a chunky yarn, and a size 10 needle. The pattern I used called for a size 7 needle, and worsted weight yarn. My glove is a little, or a lot, too big. Who knew it was important to use the right size needle and yarn? Now the question is whether I am going to undo the glove and start over. I haven't decided yet.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Finally Friday

Hey, world, it's me - Diana. I really am alive. Thought I would try blogging again. I have lots of ideas floating around in my head about what I want to blog about. And I have been reading lots of awesome blogs lately, and part of me just wants to be that cool, too.

Lily and Grandma Carol
I know that's not likely right now, but a girl can wish, can't she?

So, just for tonight, I will give you a rundown of my day.

5:15 - alarm went off
5:22 - got up, decided not to go walking, checked FB, blogs, pinterest, email
6:30 - showered
7:08 - left for work, which is much earlier than I have been leaving
7:45 - stopped for gas
8:00 - work
4:15 - left work, took an hour or so to get home, stopped for a milkshake on the way (JCW's - the best milkshakes around, in my opinion, but so bad for me)
6:30 - home, watching NCIS, checking email, FB, reader
7:15 - thought I heard kids out in my backyard, so went upstairs to investigate. But, then wondered what I would do if I actually saw someone. I decided it was my neighbor's grandkids getting a ball out of the yard. It made me feel better to think that, rather than any other option.
7:30 - emptied dishwasher, loaded dishwasher, took out garbage (very stinky!)
8:15 - back downstairs, working on blogger, watching NCIS

So, there you go. My exciting life. What does your Friday look like?