Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Good Day

For some reason, I woke up today with a renewed motivation to get some things done. So, here's a rundown of my day, mostly for my sake, because I want to see it written down.
7:00 wake up
7:10 make to do list
7:20 gather up all the garbage in my house, clean and organize basement a bit
8:00 call in prescription
8:05 check email, facebook, reader
8:15 dishes, take out upstairs garbage
8:30 make muffins for breakfast
9:00 fix my crochet hook holder (that I made a year ago, and am just getting around to finishing it)
9:15 sew button on knit bag I finished last week
9:30 sew project bag, cut out three more project bags
11:00 put tree branches from the backyard into the green waste can (think about mowing, but grass is too wet)
11:30 check email, facebook, reader again, KSL too probably
12:00 make lunch - eggs & hashbrowns - second meal of the day eaten at my dining table
12:30 lay down on the couch to rest my back - sewing hurts my back a bit
12:45 take a shower
1:00 leave my house, run errands - Smith's, library, Hobby Lobby, Target
3:00 go to Daybreak, sit by lake, work on Relief Society lesson for tomorrow, read a book, watch the ducks
5:00 walk around the lake
6:15 home, dinner (Arby's) - eaten at the table again - the third meal of my day - I think that's a record
6:45 lay on couch again, play on iphone - games, facebook, email, reader, etc
7:00 move all the rest of the tree branches in the backyard onto the cement, off the grass
7:30 mow back lawn
8:10 wash feet, because they turn green when I mow
8:30 grocery store
9:30 back home, exhausted

Now I'm watching the end of Last Holiday, which is a pretty good show to end my day.

Here's a picture of my to do list for the day. I like to write it down, so I can check things off as I go. Today I got to check off several things. Some days I'm not so productive.


Kaylynn said...

Don't you love a good day like that? Good work on being productive and a big accomplishment to eat at the dining room table:) How did your lesson go?

Emily said...

I loved reading about your day. Way to go!!