Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lazy Sunday

More random thoughts: (started this post Thursday night)
• I'm the new owner of a food chopper. :) I'm becoming domestic again.
• In case you didn't know, I'm doing weight watchers (have been for 2 weeks now). They are doing an "at work" program at PDC, which is extremely convenient for me. We weighed this morning. I was down 1.6 lbs. Yea!
• I LOVE Pleasant Grove! It is so nice and small town-y. I just went on a walk around my neighborhood. It just makes me happy. I like that there isn't curb and sidewalks everywhere. I know, that seems wierd, but it makes me feel more at home. I don't really know why. I like that the grass just comes and stops right at the street, with a little gravel on the side of the road. Probably because that is how the street I grew up on was. No sidewalk, just a very "lived on" yard and street. We lived on a dead end street with 16 houses on it, so it was very quiet. And, we were almost to the end, so even more quiet. We could have bike rallies on the street, baseball games on the street, fireworks on the street (without bothering anyone else). We even laid down on the street sometimes, just because we could. I miss those carefree days, so I guess Pleasant Grove reminds me of that just a little bit.
• Being more in control of my eating habits has made me feel more in control of more areas of my life. I am in the mood to set goals and accomplish something. So, my new goal is to do one creative project every week (at least one). And, I want to post it on the blog. We'll see how that goes.
(It's now Sunday night.)
We had something of a miracle happening in nursery today. We have one little girl who will not let her dad leave. When he does, she just cries and cries, inconsolable. She has been in nursery for almost a year. Today, something magical happened. She was ok! The dad wasn't. He kept checking on her, and actually came in and hung out for a few minutes a couple of times, but the little girl just ignored him. Also, we have a little boy with about the same problem. His dad could leave sometimes, after snack time, when Josh was distracted enough. Not today. His dad had to run home to get our snack bucket, and he left Josh there. And guess what!? He was ok! We were quite amazed. Maybe the nursery room was receiving extra special blessings today. Maybe because I wasn't up for dealing with crying kids today. I was a little emotional this morning. My little sister, Sharon, is having a very tough go of life these days. She had a baby almost 4 weeks ago, who is adorable by the way. But, my little sis had gall bladder surgery a week ago, and just got mastitis last night. When is it going to end? The hardest part is that she is in Arizona, too far away for us to jump in the car and go see her all the time. It is killing me. I want to go help her out. I think she will survive, and hopefully there is some lesson being learned by all involved. She is going to have some good stories to tell little Lily about her entrance into the world.
I have been working on finishing my projects from CE 08. I have lots of them almost done. I am having a bit of a hard time deciding what pictures to use on some of them. I have a super cute acrylic album basically done except for pics, but what pics to use? I'm debating- WFFD 08 or just some random pics of my cute neices & nephews. Neither of those are perfect in my head, so maybe I should wait and see if anything else jumps in my head. It is making me realize that I am much better at making the books than really scrapbooking. I LOVE putting mini books together, and bookbinding and such, but my struggle comes in actually putting photos and words together on the pages. Not my forte. But, I will keep trying. Hopefully this week I will take some pics of the finished projects to post here.
My other goal for the week: get a membership to the PG Rec Center, so I can go exercise there and be more consistent about it. They have an awesome indoor track, and a big exercise equipment area with lots of treadmills, bikes, etc, and a big weight room area. they also have classes, but I think I just want to use the equipment for now. I really wish they had a swimming pool so I could continue to go to water aerobics. Oh, well, can't have everything you want...

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semonfam2005 said...

Sorry to cause all the worry---I made it through a Saturday without an emergency room or urgent care visit! Yippee Skippee!