Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Why do I even have a blog?

That is the question I ask myself sometimes. I am horrible at updating it, and frankly, when I do write, I don't have much to write about. I like posts that have pictures, but I haven't downloaded any pics for awhile, so you are going to get a post without any pictures. Sorry about it. It was either this or no post at all...

I got my tire fixed today. So, I am a girl, and I hate pretty much anything to do with taking care of a car. I can put gas in it, and I even get the oil changed when I'm supposed to, but it is definitely not my favorite activity. So, in my new car, there is a light for my tire pressure, and the light has been on for awhile. When it first came on, I checked the tire pressure myself, and put some air in. Light was still on. I looked at the tires, and they looked ok to me. So, I let it go for awhile. Then, I went to ID, so I went to Discount Tire before I drove up there, and they put air in all my tires. The light went off for a day. So, the light has been on for a few weeks again. I look at my tires almost every time I get in the car, they looked ok to me. Last night, my uncle came over to visit my grandpa, and he told me one of my tires looked low. Ok, so it's true. I need to do something about it. Ugh. I gave myself a pep talk, pretended to be Marsha, and went to Discount Tire this morning. I go in and tell the nice worker that I think I have a slow leak in my tire. He was very nice to me, but at that point he kind of gave me the, ok-you-are-a-girl-and-don't-really-know-what-you-are-doing look, and said, "Do you know which tire?" As he's asking, he looks out the window at my car in the parking lot. I said I thought it was the passenger rear tire, and he says, "Yea that one looks low." And, he and I were both right. I had a nail in the tire. They fixed it. Didn't charge me anything. The light went off, and has been off all day. Let's hope it stays off for awhile.

I know, that was a long story for a silly thing. But, as all of this happened, I was just thinking about how boys have a sense about stuff like air in tires. They can look at a tire from a long ways off and know if it is flat or not. So, I emailed my sister this morning and told her that. She wrote back and said that yes, that is true. But, girls have an inate sense, too. She said: But girls just have different senses. Like I can smell that Fred* is burning the rolls (almost everytime he bakes something), but do I tell him to take them out, or let him learn and let them burn? Tough call in life.

*names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Anyway, her response was just funny to me. Very true, but funny. Boys and girls have different talents. Like, my little brother was born with the ability to make every kind of car noise imaginable. I was not born with that ability. But, I'm sure there is something I can do that he can't.

So, that was the excitement of the day.

I have a long commute these days, which really isn't bad. I don't mind driving. Especially in my new car with a brand new nail-free tire. I think a lot on my commute. I listen to good music. (My current cd is Ryan Shupe's newest, "Last Man Standing" I believe is the name of the cd. My favorite song is "10,000 Lakes". So good!) I pray sometimes. Today I was thinking that if there was a way a could dictate blog posts while I was driving, I would probably post every day. I think up some good things to write about on my drive. The problem is remembering them after I get home. I'm still working on that.

A few things I'm looking forward to:
• weigh in tomorrow, I think I'm going to do pretty good this week. hopefully...
• Moab in a week with my sis and her hubby. Love Moab! Love the Moab Diner, been dreaming about going back to that place for years. Love Arches. Love the red rock everywhere.
• spring, warm weather, wearing flip flops and capris - getting rid of my winter wardrobe
• Cafe Rio tomorrow for lunch
• bike ride in Grand Teton National Park with my dad, fulfilling one of the things on my list for this year.
• meeting my newest niece, Capri, when she makes her appearance sometime in late May/early June
• sleeping good tonight. Which means I need to get off the computer and head that way soon.


JulieJ said...

Way to be Marsha! You go girl! Are you going with Rach to Moab. That sounds like a blast. Glad you have something to look forward. I think you should keep you blog. Even if you don't have much to write about.

Emily said...

As you can probably tell if you read my blog, I'm a bad blogger too. I don't really feel like I have too much to write about, but I'm sure that if I devoted the time to thinking about things I could write about then I'd be posting regularly. I do love to read whatever you post on your blog!

islandgirl said...

So I can come on here and post :) Did you know today I had to get my tire fixed too? Only it was worse, it sort of blew out as I was getting off the freeway. I had to call AAA to come fix it. I was thinking I should really figure out how to change this flat myself, but I didn't feel like it, lol! Then it was off to the tire place where they probably charged me more than my husband could have negotiated. I hate that!

You have a lot of fun things to look forward to. I'm jealous, haven't been to Arches in forever! And Cafe Rio, yum! I also do the "think of really cool things to post at the most inconvenient times"