Saturday, August 29, 2009

What happened this summer?

Ten Random Tidbits from my Summer

1. I went camping with my whole family in Logan Canyon, we played at Tony Grove lake on the canoes, and went on the nature hike with Jill and Brandon.

2. I went to my niece Jill's horse show in Logan.

3. I drove up Big Cottonwood Canyon, over Guardsman Pass, to Park City, and inadvertently ended up in the middle of the Wasatch Back race.

4. I took several weeks off in June, to be home with my grandpa. And it was a nice break for me. I was able to hike Timp Cave with my sister several times, which was great. We do it for exercise. Most people hate that hike - it is hard, but it's a very good workout.

5. I spent the 4th of July in Idaho Falls, for the first time in a long time. My newest niece Capri was blessed that weekend

6. I got set up on a blind date, and have since been out with him several more times this summer

7. My mom spent nearly the whole month of August living with me, taking care of grandpa, but it was fun to have her here for so long

8. I've been running more, and just the other day, I ran for 40 minutes straight. It is a big accomplishment for me. I'm thinking about entering a 5k this fall.

9. I decided to take some classes at the BYU-Salt Lake Center. I am taking one class fall semester, History 400 - Family and Law in American History. I'm a little nervous to be going back to school. I hope I like it. The class starts on Thursday.

10. I am becoming a little more domesticated. In my backyard there is an apricot tree, a peach tree, 2 apple trees, and a pear tree. So far I've made apricot raspberry jam. The peaches just recently started ripening, so I'm trying to figure out what to do with all of them. I also planted a small garden, and found out I am really good at growing zucchini (mainly because it grows no matter what you do to it) so I've had plenty of zucchini. I'm going to attempt to make some zucchini bread here one of these days.

The world says summer is over. School is back in session. But, I'm not ready to let go of it just yet. Maybe on Thursday when I go to class I will feel like it's over.


islandgirl said...

You and I both with the going back to school! I'm so impressed with your accomplishments, hiking the cave,'re an inspiration!

Emily said...

Sounds like a great summer. I'm so jealous about the fruit trees. We planted a peach tree this summer, but it'll be a few years before we get a good crop. It's hard to be patient. Congrats on starting up with school again! Good luck!!

Erin said...

Diana, you are so awesome!! I know this post is kinda older, but I just was reading your blog and catching up on your life. I love to see the inner workings of your mind in your posts! You are so thoughtful and insightful.