Saturday, June 9, 2012

Car Milestones & Troubles

100,000 miles. I hit that milestone in my car on Tuesday this week, June 5th. I was on I-15, at about 12300 South in Salt Lake Valley. I've been watching the odometer for awhile, because I knew I was getting close. I put so many miles on my car, it came faster than I thought it would.

And just three days after this milestone, this happened:
I had a minor/slightly more than minor, run in with another car in Highland, on my way to my niece Lindsey's birthday dinner. I was in his way when he tried to get into the left turn lane. I've only been in a few rear-end accidents in my life, so when this happened, it took me a second to even realize what happened. My first thought was that I had run over something - but the sound was horrible, and I knew I hadn't seen anything in the road in front of me. 
Luckily no one was hurt, and the person that hit me was very nice, and very apologetic. 

And now, this is my new car for the next week or so

And to end on a happier note, here's a super cute picture of 3 of my nieces. My little sister was here for a few days this week, on her way to her new life in Oregon. Her little girls loved the attention of their older cousins. I went to my sister's house Friday morning, to drop my dad off (long story), and these cuties were still asleep. 

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Kaylynn said...

100,000 miles is a milestone. Bummer about the car accident, but sweet ride for a week. Cute picture of the nieces.