Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mary & John Reeve Letters, No. 11

Provo, Utah May 25, 1915

Mr. John Reeve
            Hinckley, Utah

Dear Brother Reeve:
            Just a line to ease your anxiety. Am all right only it is so lonesome: How they did bawl me out this morning coming back without you!

Hope you reached your destination all right and found everything well at home. It is now 2:45 p.m. And I want you to let me have Florence up here just as soon as you can arrange it. You do it tho – send word to her and to me and I’ll do the rest! Mrs. Speckhart as well as her husband blame me for not doing it yesterday. She says she wants her as soon as you can arrange it. She will assume all responsibility of her and I’ll be with her at night! Wish we had done it yesterday. Tell her to be careful on the Train – she can tat! Or read and maybe there will be some one else from Richfield coming up and tell the conductor about her and if for any reason I cannot be to the train to meet her, have her phone Speckharts at 642 M and we’ll be looking for her. Now, dear, we can do this can’t we and I’ll feel I’m helping a little beside getting my own way! And really Mrs. Speckhart wants her! Write, telegraph or phone as you please!

Mrs. Speckhart says she expects you back here Sunday. But I don’t! But of course I’d not object tho I won’t demand nor entreat you – You know best!

Mrs. Speckhart wants your little white book by Drummond. Says she saw it there and wants to read it!

It is still storming and black, But not depressive now since I have my convictions! With best wishes to you all and love for yourself. I am as ever

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