Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January 1, 2013

I have been a hermit the last 3 days, and I really liked it. I spent the first day reading The Guardian, a book my sister Rachelle gave me for Christmas. Yes, it is about 500 pages and yes, I finished it in 24 hours. And yes, I didn't do much of anything else during that time, except go to church.

The last two days have been spent watching Parenthood season 1. I just watched 3 episodes this evening, finishing at about 9 pm. I turned the video off and back to tv, and ironically the new episode of Parenthood was just starting on NBC tonight. So now I'm watching that. I may or may not be a little bit on overload with this show. I still love it, of course, but I may not need to watch it again for a few days.

I have an obsessive personality with things like this. I can't just read a few pages here and there of a good book. I neglect the rest of my life to read, or watch, whatever it is.

But I think it has been good for me the last few days. I needed a few days to just do nothing. Be home. Clean. Eat. Read. Watch tv. Fix the feng shui in my basement. Well, I didn't get very far on that one, but I tried.

And I took down most of my Christmas decorations. I did leave the lights up for now. They make me happy so I didn't want to put them away yet. And I left my hanging ornaments above my stairs for now. Because that one really makes me happy.

I left one decoration up all year last year. Mostly out of laziness and forgetfulness. I'm thinking I will take that one down this year too. But for now, that one is still up too. I didn't want to do too much today. I have to pace myself.

And now it's back to work tomorrow.

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Kaylynn said...

Sometimes it is fun to relax and do nothing. Glad you enjoyed it.