Saturday, September 14, 2013

A new space

I finally decided, and had the energy, to move myself back upstairs to my old bedroom.

I lived in this room for about two years when I first moved in. After awhile, I needed my own space more, so I moved my bed down into the basement. Where it has been for about three years. (Seriously, where did that time go?) 

Anyway, I have been thinking about moving back upstairs for awhile, and just today, almost on a whim, started moving furniture. After I got my bed up here, and was starting on my clothes, dresser, etc., I stopped and said, out loud, "Am I really doing this?" (I do talk to myself sometimes. It gets lonely if I don't.) I thought about it for a second, and said, "yes, I'm really doing this". 

So, here I am, sitting on my bed, in my new bedroom. I brought up my bed, and dresser, and a few things I know I will want in here. And then I stopped. I don't know what else I really want in my new bedroom. I have been thinking about living with less, getting rid of the excess things in my life I don't need. And part of my wanting to move upstairs is so I can start figuring out what is important and what I can part with. 

So here I sit in this room, with just my clothes, a lamp, and my chargers. I know I will end up bringing more things upstairs. And I know that I haven't actually gotten rid of anything, yet. But I know I don't want to bring the clutter up here just because. I want to be a bit deliberate about it. And then, after awhile, I will hopefully be able to go downstairs and say, I don't need the rest of this stuff, and I can get rid of it. 

Baby steps. That is what it's going to take. I've been known to be a pack rat, so to try to go minimalist is going to take some effort. But I want to try. That's the first step, right?

My question, though, is... How does anyone who is a crafter and has lots of craft/art supplies, become a minimalist? Because I honestly don't know how I'm going to downsize my craft room. I can be more organized, that I know. Hopefully if I organize it I can manage it better. 

And, on a side note, moving furniture around by myself gets tricky sometimes. I'm a pro at moving my twin bed, I knew I could do that. But I had to move a queen bed out of this room before I could move my bed in. At first, I left it in the hall, and the office, but it was in my way, so I thought I'd attempt to take the box springs downstairs. And this is where it still sits right now:

The turn on the stairs got me. So, I scooted it over so I could at least get up and down the stairs. And there it sits, waiting for me to attempt it again, or for some unsuspecting person to come over so they can help me. 


Emily said...

Good luck with the downsizing!! It can be hard but also very worth it. I have trouble with getting rid of crafting stuff as well. I've been getting rid of lots of stuff, but I have yet to tackle my crafting stuff. I think it's smart that you are distancing yourself from all your stuff (leaving it downstairs) in order to find out what you really want/need. I'd love to hear about your progress down the line and if it works!

Kaylynn said...

I am in the mode of getting rid of things I don't need. Good luck! You can do it. Way to be the one-man furniture moving company!!!

Diana said...

In case anyone is worried, I did get that bed moved downstairs. My old bishop stopped by to do friends of scouting, so he helped me move it.