Saturday, November 2, 2013

Saturday Fun

Here it is, 10:24 again. Although, I have already turned my clock back, so it is only 9:24 actually. 

This morning, I got up and went to play practice, from 9 until 2. It was long! But, it went well I thought. I am not in the play, I am the director's assistant. So I just do whatever she tells me to. It sounds kind of boring, but so far I have really enjoyed it. I am still amazed at how much time and effort people are willing to put into things like this. My friend has done a play or two with her family. She told me she thought of it as community service. I liked that thought, it makes sense in my brain. 

After practice I came home and was lazy bones all afternoon. I finally found some energy, and got my library books gathered up to take back. Barely before the library closed tonight. 

And since this was probably the last nice day of the year, weather-wise, I decided I needed to take advantage of it. If i hadn't been so lazy in the afternoon I might have gone up in the canyons. Instead I ended up at Oquirrh Lake in Daybreak. 

It is a nice walk around the lake. I took some great iPhone pics for you to enjoy of my walk. 
It was just after sunset when I started, so the mountains were looking all aglow.

This is Mt. Timp way down there. It looks pretty at sunset with snow on the peaks. (One of these days I am going to hike to the top of that mountain.)

And this is when I finally found my car again, with the cute daybreak houses too. I started my walk in an unfamiliar section of the lake, so I hoped I knew how to find my way back around. It felt like a long walk, which was actually half walk, half run, but I was really only out there for 45 minutes. But I'm sure it was at least 5 miles! It sure felt like it. 

I didn't have my headphones, so I had no music in my ears, just my thoughts. I kind of like it that way. My thought for tonight was how thankful I am for my body. It may not look as good as I wish it did, but it can still do lots of things. Like running, even though I haven't run for a very long time. My body remembered how to do it. Now, I'm sure it wasn't pretty, but I didn't care. I don't know anyone out there. It just felt good to push my body a bit. And realize how good it feels to do that. 

I came home and flipped through some of my new library books. And now I want to make a quilt. Going to the library can be dangerous to my creative brain. 


JillN said...

I love the sunset pictures.
What is the play for? Church? community? How did you get involved? I just went to a play this weekend that Sarah and her 3 daughters were in. I had the same thought - wow some people put a TON of effort into this kind of thing. It is a great feeling to run.
From Kaylynn

Emily said...

Pretty pictures!

Diana said...

Kaylynn, it is A Christmas Carol, put on by West Jordan Theater Arts. The director is in my ward, and she asked me months ago to help her out, and be her assistant. She thinks I have theater in my blood because she did several plays with Grandpa Reeve. I am not sure about that, but I am having fun and learning lots.

It was a pretty sunset. I wish my phone took better pictures. I'm too lazy to carry my real camera around everywhere.