Sunday, March 9, 2008


Today's picture. It's one of the wall hangings in my house. A frame with three pictures of temples in it - three of my favorites: Salt Lake, Idaho Falls, and Logan. I was going to do a better picture today, but my camera was out of batteries and I just barely found some.

I got to do inventory at Archivers this morning. Good times, let me tell you. Counting embellishments. What else would I want to be doing on a Sunday morning? I made it home in time to run over to the church for a meeting with my camp director to talk about getting started planning camp for this summer. Our theme this year is "Boot Camp" so we get to come up with a troop name for ourselves. That's really all we know so far. But, I think it will be fun. Good decorating opportunities. Fun camouflage decorations, or hats, or t-shirts. So, if you have any good boot camp ideas, I'm open to suggestions.

My sister and her kids came over to my house tonight - surprise! Of course, my house is a mess, so I feel silly when they walk in, and there is no where to sit on the couches, and there is only a little path from my living room to my bedroom. So, my goal is to clean my house and keep it clean. At least my living room, keep the couches clean and somewhat presentable. The kids were exploring the house, and they kept saying how messy it was. A little embarrassing! So, that's my goal for today.
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semonfam2005 said...

Hey Di-
Love the updates on the blog! Let me know how keeping your house clean goes! I finally took a belly picture yesterday, so I will have to post it when I get home tonight. I have been a slacker blogger last week too!
Love ya