Saturday, June 7, 2008

return with awesome tour

So, Keera wants to be my friend, so she is tagged from the last post. (She thought she was chopped liver...)

Rachelle and I went to the Ryan Shupe & the RubberBand cd release concert last night. I love Ryan Shupe! and his band. Not only can they play some awesome music, but they are all hotties... (yes, I know most of them are married, but I can still think they are hot, right?) We were afraid we were going to freeze to death last night, but it actually was pretty nice. I did get a little chilly, and i had a hoodie and a blanket. We don't feel like it is summer yet. When you still have to wear a jacket, it is weird. But, we aren't complaining, because I would rather have this weather than 110 degrees. Anyway, the concert was pretty awesome! I've been listening to the new cd ever since I got it. Sadly, I couldn't listen to it in my car this afternoon cause my car adapter for my iPod was being stupid.

Today has been a bit lazy for me. I needed a day to just be a bum. I've been getting up super early to go exercise this week, so I was pretty tired (and the concert didn't get over until almost 11 pm last night). But, now I've been out running errands, spending lots of money. I found a very cute gift for my cute niece Lindsey, who will turn three tomorrow.

Now I'm trying to decide what I'm going to do with the rest of the afternoon. Do I work on girls camp books, make a skirt for trek, or read the new book I bought last night? Such decisions... Really I should clean my house, too. Or maybe I'll just go take a nap. :)

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