Monday, January 5, 2009


I had a good Christmas. I was at my sister's house for Christmas morning. Kids are great on Christmas, aren't they? After Christmas, I spent a couple of days in St. George with my parents. We thought we were going to warmer weather, but it wasn't that much warmer. They had snow in areas right around St. George. Zion had lots of snow and was FREEZING!
But, the snow against the red rocks was really pretty. We didn't get out much, because we weren't ready for the freezingness, and because my mom wasn't feeling that great at the moment. But, I got a few good pics.

The greatest discovery of the trip was the Life is Good store in St. George. I was so excited. My mom was laughing at how giddy I was. But, you must understand... I am a Life is Good groupie. I love them. I love their t-shirts. I like their bags. I really wish I could just own everything LIG, but it is pricey, so I try to limit myself. This is me on the fire truck in front of the store.

I had a great New Years Eve. We had a great party at my sister's house. Her kids all stayed up until 12:30 with us, except for her 5 year old. He fell asleep at 11. Lindsey, the 3-year-old, was up til the bitter end. She didn't want to miss the party. But, she was being funny and cute, so it was good. We played Ticket to Ride and Settlers of Zarahemla (a LDS version of Settlers of Catan), and Bingo, and did Karaoke. My new brother-in-law is the new king of karaoke. He was hilarious - totally getting into it.

And, at the end of the night, I ended up reading a story to the kids. My sister took our picture. It's not the greatest shot of me, but I like the picture anyway. This was taken at 12:25 am, and look how awake we all are still. It's quite amazing. I'm usually sound asleep at about 12:10 on New Years.

And now, it is 5 days into the new year. I have thought about a few goals/resolutions/intentions I want to work on this year. I'm still thinking. I don't have any huge resolutions. I do want to continue to lose weight and be healthy. I am thinking about running a 5k with some work friends in April in SLC. I need to start training for it if I'm going to do it. If I make a real list of goals, I will put them on here. For now, my goal is to have a good year. Be happy. Be healthy. Be productive. Be in the moment.

Happy 2009!

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Emily said...

Looks like you had a good Christmas vacation. That's a beautiful picture of the snow on the red rocks! Sorry you didn't get warmer weather down there. Good job for staying up late on New Years. I was wiped out for our New Years Eve party because I had a busy and exhausting day at work. But surprisingly I stayed up until 1:30, only because we were playing mario cart. Good luck with your goals for the new year!