Saturday, December 20, 2008

pictures, finally

So, I thought it was high time to do a post with some pictures. Let's see if I am smart enough to do it, since it's been awhile.

So, this is a picture of my "nightstand" in my old apartment. I took a bunch of pictures of my apartment, in all it's crazy messiness, before I packed it all up. This is my pile of books and magazines that I had been reading at night.

This is my bookcase, full of books. I spend too much money on books, but I can't help it. On top of the bookcase is Anna Karenina, a book I bought a couple of summers ago. I actually didn't really like the book, but I read it, because it kept me busy for a long time. Most books I read in a day or two, but that one lasted all summer, I believe. I also have my cute "W" and picture frame on my bookshelf. I made those for girls camp the first year I was camp leader. These were the samples I made, the girls got to do their own initial and frame. They had a great time with it, and made such cute ones - much more creative than mine.

I am having issues with picture placement. So sorry.
This next picture is my front door. I was #1. :)

This is my sister Rachelle and my cute niece Carly Jo in my apartment the day we were boxing everything up. Carly was a great help!

Kaylynn came down with Carly from Logan to help me box everything up. I whined a little bit that day, but she really was a great help, getting stuff ready to move the next day.
I had done a lot by myself before she came, but I needed her there to keep me working all day. I am sort of a random girl when it comes to packing. I work better when someone is there helping me.

And, this is the last picture of me in my clean apartment. I went back on Tuesday night and finished cleaning. And Rachelle came and helped me. We got done in about an hour. Luckily we had done most of it on Saturday.

So, that's a short journey through my packing and cleaning adventure. Hope you enjoyed it.

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