Thursday, September 29, 2011

Grateful for computer smart friends

Two nights ago, I was online, doing what I normally do, when my computer started going bananas. Telling me that I had a trojan, that I needed to click here to get anti-virus software, etc. It scared me. I'm not a good updater, or back-up-er. I don't take good care of my computer.
Don't worry. I learned my lesson. I took my computer in to work, and my friend Ty worked his magic and got all the viruses off, and updated everything. He gave me a lecture this morning when he gave it back to me about how important it is to run the anti-virus software weekly, and backing up often.

I am very thankful that I didn't lose anything. He was able to put my computer back together. I wouldn't be typing this today without his help.

I am going to be better about taking care of my computer, so that it will be nice to me and I won't have to go through this again.

I learned my lesson.

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