Friday, January 11, 2008

Fun Friday Night!

Yea! It's Friday! It has been a good week. I started a class at the U in bookbinding. I think it is going to be awesome! I have to figure out a good final project. I know, the class just started, but that's how my brain works. I want to make something fun and cool. I have a problem with the content of my books. I can design and bind a beautiful book, but I am only really good at blank books. I think this final book has to have content. So, that has been my brainstorms this week, trying to figure that out. It has been a good week. My supervisor has been on vacation this week, so it has been a good week at work. She just brings stress and tension to our department, so life is much calmer when she is gone. But, she'll be back on Monday.

I have kept up with my photo a day so far. So, here's the last 9 days or so.

This is Jan 3. These are some of the new books I've gotten recently. I LOVE quote books and little books in general. Also, the book holder is my fun Life is Good mug.

Jan 4th - This is in my car. It is my name badge at work. Boring picture, I know. It's all I could do for the day.

Jan 5th - My newest book I bought tonight. It is the new Scrapbookers Almanac. I have a book problem. I have to buy them. Lots of them. I'm running out of room to put them in my apartment. But, I keep buying them. This one has fun ideas for different things to scrapbook besides you typical birthday, Christmas, etc. I'm all over that. :)

Jan 6th - This is my cute niece Hailey. I went to their house Sunday night to help her older brother Nathan with a school project. We had to make a "mountain man pouch" for him. So, we did that. The whole time, Hailey was bugging me to help her sew something. So, we made this dress for her. Cute, huh? She wanted to wear it to school the next day. Her mom said no, thankfully.

Jan 7th - This is some cardstock at my store. Ok, so it's not "my" store, but that's what i like to call it. I work at Archivers, and LOVE it! It is such a fun store, and a fun place to work.

Jan 8th - The syllabus for the class I started this week. It is a college class, an upper level class, and I knew that, but I wasn't totally prepared for it. I am not taking it for college credit. They let a few community members take the class, for a fee. So, that's what I'm doing. I haven't taken a college class for about 8 years, so it was a little bit of a shock to be sitting in that class. It's going to be good, though. I'm very excited about it. I'll post some of my books I make later.

Jan 9th - This was the winter wonderland I woke up to Wednesday morning. I was mostly just glad it wasn't Tuesday night when I was driving back from my class. It was actually very pretty snow. About 5 or 6 inches. This is the tree in the 'courtyard' of my apartments. The stairs on the right are my building. I live on the bottom level and I love it!

Jan 10th - This is the book I'm readying right now. It is called "These is my Words". Christina gave it to me for Christmas. I had lots of other books to read, so I'm just getting to it this week. It is actually very good. I'm hooked. I keep staying up too late reading. It is about a pioneer woman in Arizona territory. I like historical and historical fiction books.

Jan 11th - Doesn't she look like she's full of the dickens? Well, she is! We had a fun Friday night tonight, doing a little shopping at Target and enjoying some fries and shakes at Chadders. Lindsey was a bit ornery tonight, but she is still so dang cute! She just got her hair cut today, and it makes her look older. She's growing up!

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