Sunday, January 27, 2008

Where did the week go?

Ok, I'm back. And, I'm off to the photos of the day, since I don't really have anything else to say right now.

Jan 27

These are 5 books I made for my sister. I just finished them yesterday, and am giving them to her tomorrow. She is going to use them to write fun, cool things that happen this year in them for each of her kids (& husband) and then probably give them to them for CHristmas next year. Very cool idea, I thought. I just hope she likes them.

Jan 26:

Number 34 is my nephew, Nathan. He is a sports-a-holic. He was the star of his football team in the fall, and now he is on two different basketball teams. He is very intense, and an awesome player.

Jan 25:

This one is a little bit random. It is the hall at PDC. I work at the end of the hall (where I am standing), and I am looking down the hall at the rest of the production department. We are in an old warehouse that they have built offices into, so the layout is pretty random. But, there are two very long halls like this. I must admit we have had office chair races down these halls before. (when I worked the night crew several years ago)

Jan 24:

This is a layout I did at the Employee Crop a few weeks ago. It is currently on display in my living room. I like to do that when I LOVE a layout. I can't just stick it in the album right away. I like to keep it out so I can look at it for awhile before it goes in the book.

Jan 23:

It's me again! My friend Tiffany took this picture of me at Wingers. The two of us went to lunch on Wednesday. I had my favorite Sticky Finger Salad. Yummy! We don't go out to lunch very often, but once in a while it is fun to just leave the building and go eat some yummy food.

Jan 22:

Here's my books again. These are the two I am working on at my class right now. This week we just "lined the spine" by gluing them and lining them with this cool stuff called 'crash' that helps stabilize the spine. It was a short class - I got out at 6 pm. Then I got stuck in traffic getting out of the university. So, it's better to stay later and miss the traffic, I think.

Ok, I'm all caught up again.

I've had a lot on my mind lately. Thinking about my word of the year - balance. Very interesting coincidence this week. I got my new Ensign magazine in the mail, and what is on the cover? A story about keeping your life in balance. I thought that was a little crazy. So, I read that, and will be reading it again, to try to learn what I need to learn from it. I know my life is not in balance right now. I'm just trying to work on getting it in balance. It's a tough thing, though.

I had a meeting this morning for girls camp. We are going on "winter camp" in two weeks. It is at Mutual Dell, a church owned property in American Fork canyon. I was under the assumption that we all slept in the lodge up there. But, I found out this morning that there is the option to sleep outside, in the snow. Now, how fun does that sound? Not so fun to me! I think I will be sleeping in the lodge on my cot. :) I think the girls think it's an adventure to sleep outside. I'm too old I guess.


Melissa said...

Hey! I'm so glad you commented on my blog :) I just looked through several of your blog posts. I love the pictures! I'm going to have to put you in my Google Reader so that I can keep checking back!

Holly said...

Diana! I missed you at the mania on Saturday. Promise me you'll crop with me in March!

semonfam2005 said...

You are slacking on your blog!

Love ya