Thursday, November 20, 2008


So, tonight was my last night at Archivers. It was a good night. I got to make one more sample and put out some new product. It was just kind of anti-climactic. Nothing happened. No one really said anything about it. I shouldn't be surprised, since I've been only working once every other week or so for about 6 months. So, I sort of was already gone. But, it seemed like there should have been more of a deal made about me leaving. I mean, come on, I've been there for 2 years. I was a good employee. ;) I guess not everyone makes a big deal when people quit. I'm just used to my office job where we have a party/lunch/treats when someone leaves.

I do want to say how much I loved working at Archivers. It wasn't always easy, working two jobs. But, I loved the girls I worked with. I loved working in a scrapbook store. I loved seeing all the new products that came in, and bought way too many of them. My wallet might actually be happy that I'm not working anymore. The last little while, I spent more than I was making there. Silly, I know. Especially because now I'm trying to downsize my craft supplies. But, I can't help it. Some of that stuff just had to come home with me.

In other news, we are almost through our two weeks (and a couple days) of crazy, stressful, so-busy-you-can't-think days at PDC. I've been building a book every day for the last two weeks. Now, I am down to three more before Thanksgiving. I'm seeing the light. We are going to make it. I'm hoping I don't have to work on Saturday... I would love to sleep in. And start packing.

I'm too tired to find a picture to add to this post. So sorry. I might someday become a better blogger. maybe. someday.


Shyla said...

Well, I for one am sad that you are leaving. You must come and visit....and come to mania! Now there's even less people that have been there from the beginning.

Anderson Family said...

I do know how you are feeling right now. Leaving Archivers was one of the hardest decisions I had to make. I loved it their! all for the same reasons you do. I miss it, but in life some of the hardest decisions are the best ones we ever make! You are making a huge change in your life, but I know when you are following what the Lord has in store everything is for the best! I will miss seeing you when I go in! I look forward to keeping in touch on your blog!

JulieJ said...

I'm proud of you for working so hard. You dserve a break!

islandgirl said...

LOL, I know what you mean, I remember my last day and thinking, "What, no cake? LOL!" After all, remember I got Tracey a cake on her last day...I'm just too kind hearted!