Thursday, November 27, 2008

I am grateful for...

I'm feeling the blues a little tonight, so I thought I'd attempt a gratitude list to help me see the good in my life.

I am thankful for:

1. My family
2. That I was able to travel home this Thanksgiving to spend it with my family.
3. My car that got me here
4. my laptop, so I can sit in bed and write this post
5. my parents treadmill, so I could exercise this morning before I stuffed myself today
6. my job
7. my friends at my job
8. my apartment
9. friends in my ward
10. a church calling that keeps me busy
11. being able to hang out in the nursery with all those cute kids
12. living in the USA
13. Carson, my nephew, who is so adorable
14. Lindsey, my niece, who is also very adorable, and a cute princess
15. family that lives close to me, and lets me be a part of their lives
16. my grandpa
17. glasses & contacts, so I can see
18. photos, to help you remember the good times
19. my health
20. Diet Dr. Pepper
21. cute socks
22. teddy bears
23. the gospel
24. good books
25. good movies
26. friends to go to good movies with
27. friends who will help out in times of need
28. Facebook, for helping me reconnect with all kinds of old friends
29. email
30. my cell phone
31. mountains
32. sunshine
33. homemade cinnamon rolls
34. Archivers, for being a happy place for me to work for two years
35. all my great Archivers friends
36. my dad, who is willing to come help me move
37. my ability to go help my grandpa
38. brother-in-laws
39. sisters
40. warm blankets
41. money
42. cheap plane tickets to go see my lil sis in Phoenix
43. flowers
44. yummy smells that make me happy
45. my ability to be healthy and lose weight
46. my dreams, and that some of them are being fulfilled
47. tv
48. the internet
49. roads that take me places I want to go
50. temples
51. my mom's house, it makes me happy to come here
52. Heavenly Father
53. my hands
54. my creativity
55. my love of learning
56. paper
57. cute clothes
58. good sales
59. electricity
60. happiness
61. water
62. stores - practical stores like Walmart where I go often, and fun, eclectic stores where I go for inspiration and fun
63. my camera (which I haven't gotten out yet this Thanksgiving)
64. people willing to help me move
65. mail
66. family histories, so I know where I came from
67. my own memory, of grandparents, and stories I've been told
68. toothpaste
69. cute shoes
70. snow
71. cute coat, to keep me warm in the snow
72. music
73. the prophet, President Thomas S. Monson
74. homemade rolls
75. running water
76. people who love me
77. pens
78. teddy bears
79. medicine, for headaches, heartburn, etc
80. being able to go to girls camp with my ward for two years
81. camping & hiking opportunities so close to where I live
82. fun creeks in the mountains to play in
83. artists who make beautiful things for the rest of us to enjoy
84. a shower
85. blogs, so i can keep up with people I know, and get to know new people
86. my hobbies
87. chocolate milk
88. 94% fat free popcorn
89. vegetables
90. fruit
91. gum
92. ipod
93. google
94. The Book of Mormon
95. the Holy Ghost
96. having a good laugh with my sisters
97. a clean house
98. leaves, especially in the fall when they are all over the ground and make a crunching noise when you walk through them
99. washing machine
100. my life


islandgirl said...

WOW, you came up with 100! Good for you, feeling better now? I hope so! I like to think about those that are less fortunate than myself, living in third world countries, then I get a swift dose of reality, and my life all the sudden doesn't seem so bad. I am RICH by their standards, actually by the world's standards!

Emily said...

Great list! I'm also thankful for a lot of the things you put on your list. I'm sad that we couldn't see you this weekend, but we did have a good Thanksgiving. I cooked an entire Thanksgiving meal by myself, and we have tons of leftovers because Doug's still getting used to eating again. I hope you have a fabulous rest of the weekend. And I'm sorry I missed out on the Thanksgiving craft! I was excited about that.

Shyla said...

The sale was at some random store on State Street in Pleasant Grove, but it was Scrapbook Express doing the sale.