Sunday, December 7, 2008

I feel a little bit responsible

So, I spent the afternoon at my sister's house, had dinner with them, helped (mostly watched) them make a gingerbread house, made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, and just hung out with them. I was playing with Lindsay's hair (she is 3), telling her how pretty it was, and long. Hailey was sitting next to me, and said she wanted to cut her hair, so I said I would. She went and found some scissors, and I jokingly pretended to cut her hair. Then, of course, Lindsay wanted me to cut her hair, so I pretended to cut her hair. Then, I realized that I was planting a bad idea in her head. So I told them that we don't cut hair, only professional hair people cut hair. I was afraid Lindsay would do something she wasn't supposed to. And, unfortunately, my suspicions were right. She came back a while later with her hair chopped. It actually could have been much worse, she didn't cut it completely off. She just gave herself a little bob. With a little mullet in the back. I was going to take a picture, but I wasn't sure that was a good idea, as her mom and dad were not amused, and trying to teach her that what she did was wrong.

I feel like I am slightly responsible for her cutting her hair, as I put the thought in her head. But, I guess that's what a good aunt does, huh? Get the kids are riled up, teach them to do bad things, and then I just get to go home and leave the mess for the parents to clean up. :) Ok, that's not how I really feel. In fact, I feel really bad about this. Not that they are blaming me, but I still feel bad. I guess everyone makes mistakes.

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