Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Jon Schmidt & Cute Things Kids Do

* I went to a benefit Jon Schmidt concert tonight in American Fork, with my sister Rachelle. It was so fun! Jon Schmidt is a great, funny, crazy entertainer. It was more low-key than some of his concerts, and his sidekick cello guy, Steven Sharp Nelson, couldn't make it tonight, so he was alone. He paid tribute to a military family who was there - the dad is home on leave for a week before deploying for a whole year. When he was talking about this family, and their 4-year-old girl whose birthday it was today, I was imagining people much older than me (for some unknown reason - sometimes I forget how old I really am). But after the song, he had the family stand up, and they looked like they could be my own age. Which is totally normal, but it just made me think about that little family, and the things they are sacrificing for the rest of us. It made me proud to be an American.

* I played 3rd parent to some of the Bennett children last night. I took Carson to his soccer tryout, and had to leave him there to go get Lindsey from gymnastics. (One of the dad's took Carson home, don't worry!) On the way home from gymnastics, Lindsey was informing me what I should do as a parent. Her two bits of advice for me: Let your little girl get her ears pierced whenever she wants. Don't make her wait until she's 12. And, when you have pudding with dinner, even when it is Oreo pudding, let your kids eat it whenever they want. Don't make them eat their potatoes first. (Although she did tell me she likes potatoes, too.) Thanks for the advice Lindsey! When we got back to the house, Carson was at home alone, and when we walked in the door, he was sitting at the kitchen table, doing his homework. He is such an awesome kid!

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Kaylynn said...

I want to go to a John Schmidt concert. You are a good 3rd mom. I love Lindsey's advice.