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Mary & John Reeve Letters, No. 4


Hinckley, Utah 4-19-15

My Sweetheart –

I am enclosing this to pay your R. R. fare to Hinckley. You will please not refuse it, for there are two very important reasons why I have a right to do so. First and most important of all is because of the sweet story I have, as it was written by your own hand; Second, because I would have spent this money in coming up to see you; But it is as you suggest more important for you to come down here.

Now, if you should ask me when to come down I would answer, next Friday or Saturday – and not a minute later. But of course, I will leave it to your own pleasure, Tho I sincerely hope your pleasure will be in harmony with mine.

You will doubtless think I have soon got ready for your visit, But you will discover that I will have done nothing that I expected to do; for among several things, I had planned to have done was having the walls and ceiling of the parlor painted, and the dining room papered; But couldn’t get the  material in time. So, if the first appearance doesn’t swamp you, I will feel sure of keeping you forever.

I have told my mother our whole story, which impresses her very much, especially is she puzzled over the sister Wilken story. For she doesn’t remember the name; Nor can she imagine how she got hold of that photo. So I will be intensely anxious to learn the story from your own lips.

To tell you the truth, dear, that beautiful message has made me feel so happy that I have had to tell it to some of my and your best friends. I read the letter to Edith Finlinson, and it would have done your heart good to have seen the tears roll down her cheeks as her heart swelled with happy emotion over our engagement; For she seemed to feel that you were nearly as fortunate as myself.

The more I think of it the more important it seems that you should come down; For not only could you see and we plan together our beginning, But relative to your visit etc. So please come. Get off the train at Delta. But be sure to answer this right back, So I may meet you and until I shall be privileged the happy pleasure of your presence I shall say Good bye. With the sweetest and kindest thoughts of you I remain very affectionately Yours

(signed) Jno

P.S. I have a very great curiousity to know the size of your third finger, Please send it by next post.


Hinckley, Utah 4-21-15

My Dear Mary:

You will pardon me for writing so many letters, and especially registering this one. But the fact is this is the fourth letter I’ve written you and no reply, And if it is a fact that some one is tampering with our letters I may be out ten dollars, for that is what I sent Monday – two 5 dollar greenbacks.

I have another reason also for writing and that is I want to make the date of your visit definite; and that is for you to leave for here next Saturday on the morning train, Which arrives here about 2 p.m. Don’t fail to come. If, however it is impossible for you to come than wire me at my expense, right back telling me the date you will come. Also whether you received the remittance or not, Which as you know will remove a load of anxiety from my mind. For the P.M. on this end of the line will sure hear something drop, if you haven’t received my letters.

I may get a letter from you in the morning telling me you’ll be here Friday. If there isn’t one due here be Sure and wire me as I have suggested.

Of course your one letter is worth worlds to me so long as its contents remain true and I am sure they’ll remain true forever. But of course it is only natural for me to want you to reaffirm it frequently.

Now, my dear, I am living in the fond anticipation of meeting you next Saturday, Notwithstanding the fact that I am not unmindful of the magnitude of the undertaking it is for you; But if you’ll land I’ll endeavor to make every moment I’m with you as pleasant and happy as I know how.

As you are packing your suit case kindly slip in a photo, or two of thee Queen And remember don’t fail me, will you dear?

Very affectionately
(signed) John


Provo, Utah April 20, 15

Mr. John Reeve,
Hinckley, Utah

Dear Brother Reeve,

It is not possible for me to answer all of your three letters within the last four days, Tho I’ll answer them as best I can in one letter. I had your answer all in my mind, When the one from Oak City came and then – there was a something in it that I could not quite see – don’t yet. But that’s all right I guess. But when the one came today. Well I felt better tho I was surprised to get it; But there’s so many things I want to say and I can’t write them; But I do hope you have not taken too literally my promise in the letter you received last week. I do not wish to recall it! Know! Indeed but I do think that my feelings for you are the deepest respect and shall I say veneration? Rather than the fierce love you may expect from me as coming only after a closer association with you. And I feel it will come I do not at all doubt that, And it gives me more to be grateful for, for you know that which is of quickest growth. Often is also of quickest death and I want to love you more the longer our lives are together and again dear I never expect you to love me as you did Sister Emma – No you couldn’t do that. – Love me as I deserve and merit and for my own sake – And it will help me in forging my way into and thru the gigantic problem life now presents to us ! Am I right!

Oh! I’ve said so many things about you – But only to myself. And here you’ve read to Edith that letter of mine – How could you? But I know without asking. But don’t do it again. And yet I suppose you felt as if you had to! Is that it?

Now about my finger – What are you up to? – without consultation with me? But the size of my ring on said finger is the exact size of this inside gilt border on this emblem – marked + on first page and there I’ve done your first wish, As regards to your second that of coming down. I phoned and it seems the train I must take will be Friday at 10:25 a.m. reaching Delta about 2 p.m. Answer back at once if I’m to be corrected. But say you know I am coming presumably to visit Bro Lon and Rose and my wishes in this must be respected, see! When I get there then maybe Rose will think it wise to interest herself in you! Do you see!

As regards those preparations you have delayed. What if the first appearance does swamp me? A good thing that we found it out in time! And the third finger better remain as it is. But I think I’m prepared for the worst and anticipate no serious breach. Tho the enormity of it all still cautions me to be very careful; And say dear that planning together you speak of – it suffocates me to think of it.

I’m glad you’ve told your mother about our head-long-haste – And Aunt Let Wilkins got the picture from among her mother’s things. She says she don’t know why except it was for me. She was just returning from St. George whither she had been with her mother’s remains and attending the funeral and she came up on the same train you did that Sunday morning, Said she saw you – Now do you see! I don’t know her mother’s name. I’ve sent the photo to my brother Albert, Together with your first communication and a letter of introduction.

May I expect a letter before I leave Friday in case there should be a miscarriage? Say dear use this envelope for the folks here are wondering about John Reeve and it takes so many lies and so much mental power to keep them from conflicting. We are leaving for the theatre – come and go! Well I’m must close. Here’s my escort now.

With best wishes and so on
(signed) Mary


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